Pet Care Technician Certification

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 DogNostics Pet Care Technician Certification Course

Continued Education units

CCPDT - 12 CEU's Dog Training.
CCPDT 3 CEU's Dog Behavior Consultants
IAABC - 12 CEU's
NADOI Attendance Certificate Provided

Earn Your CPCT Level 1 Accreditation.

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At DogNostics we recognize that as a business owner to expand and grow your business you need to develop new skills and knowledge and recruit, train and manage high quality employees.  This we recognize is much easier said than done! So to meet the needs of your business we have created a very comprehensive Certified Pet Care Technician Program. This program incorporates all the necessary skills one of your employees or contractors need to help you perform safe and professional services.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor most animal care workers learn their trade through on-the-job training with no formal education in pet care or academic study.  

Investing in your business and your employee education is a wise decision. Employing "Certified Pet Care Professionals" will make your company stand out as a more attractive service provider to the discerning pet owner. 

Choose an affordable program that will help expand your knowledge, train and develop your employees and allow you to expand your service offerings, strengthen your client loyalty and generate more income.

Enroll today in the DogNostics CPCT Program. $200.00

The Certification Course Includes

10 Hours of Recorded Webinars

1 Hour of Hands on Training

2 Hours of Home-Work Assignments & Open Book, Online Tests 

The "CPCT" Program Covers The Following Tool-Kits:

202. Canine & Feline Health and Handling - Learn about canine and feline common health issues, vaccination protocols and important daily and emergency handling skills - Faculty Member Bethany Jordan

203. Pet First Aid and Emergency Protocols -
This is a very detailed module and covers in depth the many potential emergency situations you may, through first aid, need to manage prior to a pet in your care being attended to by a veterinarian Faculty Member Bethany Jordan

205. Pet Care Tools, Equipment, Toys & Supplies - A study of the pet care tools, equipment, supplies and toys that are available in today’s marketplace.  Learn how to identify appropriate equipment and how to use it safely – Faculty Member Angelica Steinker & Niki Tudge

302. Canine Behavior & Social Communication - Learn the language of dogs. Understand the canine social behavior and communication system. Recognize distance increasing and distance decreasing behaviors. Understand social communication to be a behavior. Learn about affiliate and agonistic communication and passive and active appeasement behaviors. Understand dog bite inhibition and bite thresholds - Faculty Member Angelica Steinker

What Is a Module Tool-Kits

Within each Tool-Kit you will receive one or more webinars; this is dependent on the depth and scope of the individual topic, and the following;

  1. Your assigned pre-work
  2. Your webinar eLearning sessions
  3. Your homework - group discussions, one-on-one time with your mentor, teach backs or additional reading
  4. Your open book test
  5. Your video assignments
  6. Your Tool-Kit notebook - a comprehensive eBook covering all the information you have learned.

Completing a Tool-Kit

When you have fully completed a Tool-Kit, you have passed your open-book test with a minimum score of 85% and/or your skill videos have been approved by your faculty member you can then progress onto your next Tool-Kit.


At graduation you will receive your DogNostics "CPCT" Level 1 certificate and your "CPCT" badge to display proudly on your website.

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